Message from the Student Trustee

We all make time for what we feel is important, and as student representatives, we believe student voice is important. Ensuring students are heard is critical to successful education; besides who better to consult about education than the students themselves? We have invested countless hours into improving the school experience for students. Here are a few highlights:

We made sure students knew they were heard, valued, and represented by electing representatives from each high school. In the last year, we have founded advisory councils, researched technology in classrooms, investigated students’ sense of belonging, and more.

Our Student Senate advised the OPP on how to structure and conduct a student based initiative to better relations between police and students. The OPP believes it is important to work with students, and to be advised on current issues. We helped them launch the new OPP student advisory council.

Next Generation Learning has been an experiment from the start. No one could predict the outcome, but as a student voice, we have and will continue to shape the result positively. We investigated students’ opinions, experiences, and concerns surrounding technology in the classroom. Students are both aware, and concerned about the loss of literacy. We have taken these concerns seriously and not only investigated them deeper but presented them to senior staff and board trustees. We have and will continue to voice all concerns surrounding technology in our classrooms, and the Next Generation Learning platform.

High school is a difficult time for many, so we have begun to investigate how to increase every student’s sense of belonging. We are looking for creative and innovative ideas to help bring back student engagement. Apathy is truly a tragedy; especially in youth.

We are committed to making education enjoyable and successful. Do not be apathetic; let your voice be heard.

Jesse Russell's Signature Jesse Russell Student Trustee, Avon Maitland District School Board Engage, Inspire Innovate ... Always Learning
Jesse Russell, Student Trustee for the Avon Maitland District School Board