Message from the Director

I am very pleased to share the Avon Maitland District School Board’s 2017 Annual Report which captures a few of the highlights of the incredible work of our collective staff! These highlights feature some of the learning activities that support building positive, inclusive learning environments and that maximize outcomes for students, our ultimate priorities, as outlined in our revised 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

This past summer and fall, our senior staff embarked on a journey to create a new Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being (BIPSAW). The analogy of a stove with a variety of pots, some on simmer and some turned to high, helps to understand the role of the BIPSAW. All of the pots together represents the Strategic Plan. The pots turned on high are where our focus areas are for the upcoming year. These represent the BIPSAW. Each year, we revisit what pots are on simmer and which ones need to be turned up! The focus for the BIPSAW goals (or pots on high) is responsive to our student data, both qualitative and quantitative. This data (anecdotal comments, EQAO, report card and survey data) helped us identify, within our strategic plan, the areas of continued growth and our areas of need.

Through much discussion with system leaders, input gathering from various stakeholders, and working and reworking the BIPSAW plan, we arrived at three goals towards our strategic plan. The goals include a target with more specificity of how we will meet the goal and what we expect to achieve for students once we have reached that goal. In addition, we have designed some “indicators of success” for each goal which will help us to measure and monitor our progress along the way. You can read about this new BIPSAW in this report.

Each system team and school has aligned their goals with the system BIPSAW. Together we will continue to make progress and enhance learning for all students! We endeavour to engage, inspire, and innovate as a team. In AMDSB, we are always learning!

Dr. Lisa Walsh's Signature Dr. Lisa Walsh Director of Education, Avon Maitland District School Board
Engage, Inspire Innovate ... Always Learning
Dr. Lisa Walsh, Director of Education for the Avon Maitland District School Board