By The Numbers

The AMDSB covers the counties of Huron and Perth. Our geography spans a good part of rural Ontario. Huron County is 3,397 km² and Perth County is 2,177.78 km². More than 160,000 people call the Avon Maitland District their home and enrolment in our elementary schools is up for the second year in a row.

Avon Maitland Statistics

Area Numbers
Elementary Schools 30
Secondary Schools 10
Elementary Enrolment 10,182
Secondary Enrolment 4,885
Principals and Vice-Principals 74
Elementary Teachers 637
Secondary Teachers 407
Technical Resource Assistants 39
Educational Assistants 225
Early Childhood Educators (DECEs) 63
Professional student services personnel including: attendance counselors, speech and language staff, psychometrist 8
Custodial and Maintenance 108
School Clerical 71
Other (Ed Centre, IT, Facilities, and Adult/Con Ed) 175
Total Staff 1807